FM range parameter

hey Olivier! reading through your new Shruthi manual made me think about the fm range parameter again,
which is already a feature in the Shruti-1…
would it be possible to add the fm range as a modulation target?

This whole “secondary oscillator parameter” thing is a hack, I’m not sure how I can make it work nicely. The main difference between this and the other parameters, and the reason why it’s so hacky, is that it doesn’t have a continuous range - it’s just a bunch of discrete values, with the values inbetween making very little sense sonically (they all sound like the same very random bell).

Will give it a try!

For all german readers theres today a very comprehensive article about FM on FM-Artikel - badly only in german. Perhaps this would help if someone has the time to translate?

The Shruthi-1 implements “phase FM” according to the categorization of this article.

The problem here is more a user interface one - most of the other oscillator waveforms have 1 parameter, but for FM we really need two, so the Shruthi-1 “steals” the oscillator range button to adjust the modulator / carrier frequency ratio, but because of this hack this parameter cannot be modified.

Note that on the DXs, the frequency ratio is selected from a menu from a small set of possible values - it cannot be linearly changed or modulated (eg p.32 of the DX21 manual)

yeah, true! silly, my first thought is always: sweep!
but it’s a nice feature anyway the way it is. makes interesting changes.