FM Mode - what can it be


I’ve bought a modded shruthi long time ago and I wanted to start using it again. It has two mods - the BandPass mod and something called FM Mode.

It’s just a switch only called FM Mode. The FM Mods I’ve seen on the net used pots to control the level of audio in modulating the oscillators (or filters). What kind of mod can this be (with only one switch)? I’m not a shruthi wiz and tried to check it by trial and error but failed.

Any help? :slight_smile:

It’s probably routing the raw oscillators signal (or the output of the filter) to the filter cutoff.

Or could be the audio in jack routed to the filter cutoff?

Thanks for the replies. I tried with the oscillators - but it doesn’t seem to be it (I changed the tuning of osc 1 and 2 with different mix settings and it’s not sounding like audio rate modulation).

As for audio in - I’m hearing the signal from audio in in the output - is there a way to turn it down (I know it’s ok for normal use - to use the filter on audio in). Will check later if it’s modulating anything in the fm mode.