Flickering Parameters, Not the Power Supply

Yes, just the ATMega.

Thanks! I get the ATMega. I’m just suggesting sending the board so you could test the pots (or some other possibility) as well.

Sorry, I have drawn that line a long time ago: I don’t repair/look at kits that do not work.

A friend who has built a shruti-1 took a look yesterday and it appears that pin 40 on the MCU seat is possibly broken. I suspect this is the problem.

Dodgy 40 pin socket? easy to work around.

6581punk: yeah? Suggestion about how to go about that? I was planning on desoldering everything and replacing. If I could avoid that, I would be open to alternatives.

Solder a wire from the top of the pin to the pad, should be easily done…Desoldering the 40 pin socket is more than painful, especially when you are not used to it !

Hi Tubeohm can fix problems , if it is not totally butchered.
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