Flashing the firmware from MIDI using Linux

I’m just about to start building a shruthi-1 from scratch (using the schematics).

Can someone clarify if it’s possible to build and flash the shruth-1 through MIDI using linux (not just update it)?



I highly doubt it, since the Arduino would need a bootloader to recieve the firmware over midi…
Maybe some sort of bitbang method was implemented, and in that case it should be possible, but it would take a lot of time :confused:

The bootloader has to be flashed with a programmer, it cannot be done via midi. You also have to set the fuses and that can only be done with a proper programmer.

altitude said it all. no chance to get the firmware on a blank chip via midi, even with Linux ;-). put us some pics when done, id like to see your approach!

Ahh wickid, I expected as much, just trying to save some money haha.