Flashing firmware over Midi with linux


I’m trying to flash the firmware over Midi with linux.

Sadly it doesn’t work, neither with .mid nor with .syx file.

I hold the S6 switch while the synth is being powered on and the LEDs L1, L3, L5 and L7 are lit.

As soon as I send the .mid or .syx file, all LEDs are turned off, and nothing happens anymore.

I tried MIOS Studio for the .syx (works very well for copying patches), and aplaymidi for the .mid. In MIOS Studio I tried very high delay settings, but nothing seems to help.

Any ideas? I really don’t want to open the cases of all my Shruthis again :confused:


It fails for me when using .syx files, but it works with .mid using qtractor.
Default tempo, midi port properly configured and midi straight to the Shruthi (no device inbetween).

Have you got another MIDI interface to try? some are bad at sysex.

It’s an Edirol UM-2, which is not exactly state-of-the-art interface but works very well with my micromodular (for the editor), so I assume the interface is ok. I rather blame myself for not being able to correctly use sysex files …
Anyway, it’s fine with the midifile.

thanks mike-labo. I’ll give qtractor a try. The Midi interfaces I tried were NI Audio Kontrol 1 and my self built Midibox GM5x5x5.

Also, be sure to boot the Shruthi only when you are ready to press play and send the firmware, when the sequencer initializes midi connexions it sends something which disturb the Shruthi, so all leds will turn off.
So, launch the sequencer, load the midifile, tweak the config and only then boot the Shruthi.

Hmmm, tried it with qtractor and its exactly the same behavior. As soon as I press play, all the LEDs turn off and nothing happens anymore. What could I be doing wrong?