Flashing a blank 644 with Atmel Studio 6

Okay, I’m going to sound like a noob, so be it. I’ve looked into the reading and some of this just sounds a bit more than I need to do. That is, I have the AVR ISP mkii sitting here hooked up to a newly built Control Board atop a newly built Dual SVF filter. Not sure why, but I expected to find a hex file in the firmware to flash directly using >Device Programmer. Is there a more straightforward way to program using an isp programmer such as this one using atmel or will I need to do sixteen things in window to see it through?

Followed the directions for setting up win enviroment and building the firmware. Flashed using the avr programmer, didn’t set any particular fuse bits/lock bits. After several seconds the 3rd and 7th leds come on but no action when buttons are pressed or encoder is turned/pressed.

Edit: after realizing I was an idiot not to remember to solder in that resistor network, buttons work fine, encoder seems not to change things though.

@shimoda, the shruthi hex & boot loader files are in the firmware directory. I’d post s link, but I’m on my phone ATM. As for the fuses, go to the MIDIpal page and at the bottom are instructions for programming. They apply the same for the Shruthi. I’ve done it a couple times successfully.

EDIT: here is the firmware page. You want the “muboot.hex” (for future updates cis MIDI). I do everything in a cmd prompt. Super easy. Just gotta remember to change directory.

@shimoda: fuses must be set, otherwise MCU runs at 8MHz instead of 20MHz. These are the fuse settings found in Shruthi-1 make file:

LOCK = 2f
LFUSE = ff
HFUSE = d6
EFUSE = fd

Thanks Peter, that fixed it. Now to get the eeprom done!

Edit: Burnito firmware to the rescue!