Flash game with shruti-1 music


i made the music for this game. All the sounds that clearly isnt drums or samples is made with the shruti-1!
so pretty much 70% of the music.

did i say that i love this synth?

Cool! Did you do any EQing, Compression or psychoacoustic Processing (Subharmonic Synthesizing, Excitin, Edisoning or other miscellanous Vodoo Tricks…) to the Shruti Signal?

yep. some voodoo. but mostly EQ, delay & reverb.
and of course the track is somewhat mastered.

Will give an ear, but this fu$$$$ laptop have 3% left of batterrrryyyy :slight_smile: I must come back inside my house :))))

Nice work salkinitzor!

The music is a cool vibe that matches the game well and I really think you used the shruti to it’s strengths.

It’s great to hear the character of the synth come through so clearly even in flash-game bitrates.

This kind of stuff to my ears sets apart the mutable instruments stuff as capable workhorses, in addition to being fun ways to kill an hour.

I presume :slight_smile: