Fixing a wonky screen


Does anyone have any bright ideas as to how i might be able to fix a wonkily soldered screen? I didnt do a very good job of it when i first built it and its annoying me now.

It kind of leans backwards and to the right


That’s gonna be hard. I changed the screen on my first Shruthi-1 from the kit one to a nice negative Newhaven one. I ended-up pretty much wrecking the old screen getting it off. Your best bet would be to try and desolder the screen with a desoldering pump, I reckon.


cut the legs between the boards and desolder the pins one at a time

I have used a Hakko 808 desoldering iron to change display. It was totally painless and took about 5 minutes to remove the old one, so that tool is great… if you have the money…

‘Hakko 808’- nice name


Thanks all, sorry, i didnt get back.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think ill live with it if thats the case; i was hoping you could somehow melt the solder and rejig into position.

Been thinking about a desoldering tool on the other hand but that 808 looks a bit pricey for a beginner/hobbyist. I shall have a look around tho.



i just did that with my display. it was the first time i made it onboard. i usually keep the contacts close to the pcb while soldering, which turned out to be not the best idea with LCDs afterwards, as it stood off almost 3-4mm on the side where the pots are.
i used desolder wick to take away as much of the solder as i could, then reheated every pad one by one going from left to right (if you have it in front of you) while trying to press the other side closer to the pcb (not too much pressure!).
i did that several times until it was ok, but just in little steps of course, as i didn’t want to break any traces. it wasn’t e.g. as annoying as crimping ribbon cables hehe, and i’m glad it worked. after the adjustment i filled the pads with a good amount of solder again.