[Fixed] Ambika mobo: missing hole

I’ve just started to build my ambika kit, and i’ve got a problem.
There is a hole for the 4050N that is obstructed by flux, but it’s not my flux (the kind i can remove with a desolder pump or desolder braids), but the one that comes from the PCB factory…
i tried to “open” the hole with a small knife, and a desolder braids, but i only end up losing the ‘pad’ …
Have you got any tip to fix this problem (i don’t have a dremel anymore…), and where can i solder a wire to fix the lost pad ? soldering directly on the via dont seem robust enough (mechanically)?

Thanks !

Two picture : front & back to show the problem.

Which side did you loose the pad on? If you still have pad on the side with the trace, just snip the leg of the socket and solder to the pad

Unfortunately on the wrong side…

You need a connection from pin 3 of the 4050N (or its socket) to Port 7 - MOSI

Contact me privately and I’ll send a replacement if you can’t sort it.

Thanks ! :slight_smile: