Fitting other modules with Rogan Knobs

Any recommendations on measuring shafts of potentiometers to fit them with Rogan knobs (similar to Mutable modules)? I don’t have a precision calliper to determine the size, but is there some standardization?

D-Shaft pots are usually 6mm diameter, so any D-Shaft ones would do.

Be aware that many cheap D-shaft pots don’t have the nice fluid feel of the ones installed on MI products.

I’ve found Panasonic pots to feel good, (but are harder to source, here in the UK, at least), whereas the Alps ones commonly specified in SynthDIY BOMs feel loose and cheap, and don’t have that positive action you’d expect from a professional product.

These things are subjective, of course, but it’s a shame to fit expensive knobs on cheap pots. They’ll still look nice, but you’ll be disappointed when you turn them.