First tries

Hi guys, I’m a newbie in eurorack growing with this forum and others.
And these months, I tried to make my first videos and eruct records. Not fantastics but these are my early experiments. I’m learning everyday, thinking everyday to new possibilities.

So I wanted to share with you my first two videos !

Grids is often the brain, Elements and rings the sound sources and resonator, clouds as a looper in the second one but also Batumi for modulation and for the second one I add a Malekko VB and 4MS DLD.

No computer because I have 12 screens at work !

Be indulgents :slight_smile:

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Sorry yun, but I found it hard not to enjoy these , particularly the second was up my alley.

Good job taking the effort to post it and we all start somewhere, every time we patch…

Modular is a voice so be original and free to do your thing!!


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Really not bad for a first try, keep them coming!

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Thanks a lot guys, so I’ll continue
It’s a little your fault ( and a lot the fault of Olivier ) !

The third !
It was long to build it.
Telharmonic here modulated by batumi + Clouds. The same patch with differents pitches is recorded on a 4 track tape.
Rings provide a 4 notes seq generated with the Telharmonic’s noise output.
4ms DLD delay everything and VB modulate the rest !