First Test

I’m trying first test(Step 11).
But, LED is not blinking…
What should i do?

What is the voltage on the +5V pin on the digital control board?

I Measure a voltage 5v pin - GND pin.
0.7 V

Remove the control board and do the voltage tests (step 5 of the filter board build instructions). Do you still get +0.7V on the +5V points? If so, you have probably swapped the two regulators…

I check Filter board Step5 again.
I solve bad solder point on connector.
I got 5V(green point) and -5 V (Red point).
And, I connect Digital board again, LED Blinked!
Thanks pichenettes! :smiley:
Can I go next step?
Should I put Electrical insulating tapes to avoid Short ?

you just need to put the spacers into place to avoid shorts

You have already put the 20mm spacers, so this will help separating the two boards.