First test only one led lights

hi building my shruthi got to stage 11 first test, have not made filter board yet so attached 5v power supply and only led 8 lights up. nothing else happens if buttons or pots are moved? any help pls

Is it from a kit? Are you sure your 5 V is ok and stable and really 5 V?

yes its from a kit my 5v supply maybe not stable will assemble the filter board tomorrow and test it that way

assembled filter board same result only LED 8 is lighting on first test any suggestions

can you post a picture of both sides of your board?

heres the pics are there any voltages i can take to chase the problem

and the other side of the board?

and here

I think you swapped the 165 and 595

cheers will swap them and see

sorted you my friend are a star