First SoftwareSynth i used for more than 10 Minutes

As some of you might have registered i have a slight tendency to use more or less only Hardware Synths and Sequencers only.
Now this one got me blasted and i am playing with it since 90 Minutes: Wolfgang Palms Brand new ppg MiniMapper for iOS. Sounds like a HiFi Version of PPGs WavetableSynthesis, Filter is OK, albeit Digital but what really catched me is the User Interface to create new Sounds and complete Soundscapes. I think i now need some MIDI I/O for my iDevice…

Oh, and its blue!

In my opinion the PPG mapper is too hifi and lacks the typical dirt. And coming to IO and so on using an iOS device comes to the point, to cost more money than other hardware and you are still in the latency vortex…

iOS 5.1 and above. What are the in app purchases? They aren’t allowed in the USA.

They’re not?
Huzzah ! finally something we can do in Denmark that you can’t in the US :smiley:
Doesn’t really make up for the lack of content on Netflix though :frowning:

Err, as long as there’s lack of content one could always use a US proxy for Netflix, Amazon mp3s and such services plus get Hulu Plus. They’re getting there, but outright piracy still beats their services. Hopefully Netflix et al and HBO will get over their growing pains.

I think the Mini Mapper is a great addition to the bigger synth apps from Herr Palm. It looks like he’s finally liberated enough from creaky old 6800 hardware to be able to focus on synthesis fun.

I’m finding it incredibly hard to get my head around (and I have a several modular synths!). Anyone found a good tutorial?

Just drag around the icons and be surprised - this isnt meant to be rocket science, its mean to be fun!

The ppg initials in the top tight corner of the all is the home for a rather short manual and a google gave me an eight minute video is you’re more of a visual learner

@fcd72 Damn. This is the first synth app on my iPhone that’s actually fun to play. Great find.

Heres another good one

the NEURON VS - and its for free !