First post :) Easter egg peaks inside

Hello forum members,

My first post on this forum. I could use it to tell more about myself or my small eurorack including factory built Elements and Peaks.

I choose to share a track (used Peaks in it).
It’s in Dutch, so probably someone will reply with a picture of a very interesting animal :slight_smile:


Thanks for the <3!

Lovely track! I like the lyrics/spoken word as well.

Thanks again. Also for the comment. I suppose you speak/understand Dutch. Too much expressions/sayings to translate into English or French I guess.

It was my last track. I put down making music/modular wiggling for a few years. Since a week or three started again. Too big a part of me to neglect it.

Thanks for listening and your time!

Really? I wondered about that, with your only track on SoundCloud being three years old. Glad you started again!

And yes, I do speak Dutch (I’m from Belgium). :slight_smile: What I like about the text is that it’s so much “in the language”, playing with those natural-sounding, but hard-to-translate expressions of ours.

Flemish, nice, the most beautiful Dutch there is. Second Frysian, because it’s no Dutch but prehistoric English :smiley:

Yes, a lot “playing with words” but still “telling a story” (in word and sound)…

(Edit) Thanks for the “uitgestoken hand”.

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