First hands on with Anushri synthesis feedback

Hi All,

Here’s some feedback from my first TLC time with my anushri, mainly trying to make sure I understand what’s under the hood. I really love this thing. After messing around in all possible directions, I decided it was time to figure out properly the sound engine and here’s my first batch of questions :wink:

My first step was to try to reset everything so the barest sound (vco) came out. I ended up with the setup as shown in the image and feed it with a constant c3.

To be honest, I got enormously puzzled by what I thought was some kind of volume gating and didn’t understand why. The thing was that I had ‘accidentally’ triggered the arp in my previous ‘fooling around’ session and it was playing tricks on me.

So now I’m looking at the vco wave and mix parameter. If I put it all the way to the right I’m getting the expected squarish wave and turning it to the left seems to add a saw to the square. However it never seems to become a full saw. I’ve added a picture of the wave I’m getting when the knob is turned full left. Is this normal ?

Then I wanted to be sure that the dco was never heard unless the sub-oscillator was set to the appropriate setting. Is this also correct ?

Turning on the fuzz is quite nice but it instantly overdrives everything to square wave land making it sometimes a tad gimmicky to my taste. Lowering the cut-off gets some nicer timbre because the input to the fuzz is lowered and it got me wishing for a drive parameter for it. Or even have it post-vca, I think it would make it probably more versatile.

Finally, is there a way to get the glide to be only effective when playing legato ? I thought I had seen something like that but I can’t find it again.

Thanks a bunch and congrats once again Olivier, this is an amazing piece of kit.


Your “bare sound” setup is correct.

Your “mixed square” waveform is not normal. When the “Mix” knob is turned to the left, you should get a pure sawtooth. Maybe the middle pin of the “mix” pot is incorrectly soldered?

Not sure what you mean about the DCO / sub-oscillator. In addition to the main VCO, there are 3 extra additional audio sources which can be mixed: DCO ; Sub at -1 octave ; Sub at -2 octaves ; and their level is controlled by the “Sub level” knob.

Controlling the fuzz level or patching post VCA are possible mods.

Hi Olivier,

Thanks for the informations… And I’ll check for a possible issue with the mix pot.


shouldn’t the top left ‘fm’ knob be set fully CCW since you don’t want to be modulating the VCO at all with the DCO?

+1 cookie for defenestration

Somehow ‘cookie’ and ‘defenestration’ in the same sentence confuses the hell out of me :slight_smile:

I decide to ask here not to create another topic hope someone look at it.

When I set the knobs and switches exactly like in the photo. There is no sound coming out unless I switched VCF Mode switch up to HP then I get sound.

Is this normal ? I am thinking that VCF Mode switch is doing exact opposite what it has supposed to do ?

Thanks in advance

bad soldering work around the switch (or bad connections between the 2 boards)
wrong switch if you ordered the parts on your own.

@MicMicman It was a kit from MI so I can eliminate wrong part option.

I will check my soldering around the switch. How can I identify bad connections between two boards ?

just disconnect the 2 boards and clean the headers with a toothbrush - if your working environment wasn’t very clean (quite normal after a soldering marathon), there may be some small metallic particle stuck in there that creates a short.