First few MI modules I should buy?

Hello all! I fell in love with Clouds (and Rings) and purchased a Clouds and Links. Now I am working on buying my first few modules to get started. I’ll be putting them into a Mantis case. What would your recommendation on the first few additional modules to pair with them be?

I make melodic ambient music, usually sequenced via MIDI from either Ableton Live or Genome on iOS. I also process external audio from an OP-1, guitars, basses, and audio sources.I like the DIY CVPal but can’t seem to find one to buy. I really like Rings and Peaks and the alt firmwares. Should I add a VCO of some sort and the modules I listed or is there a better path? I have considered a Mother 32 because of the sequencer and MIDI to CV capabilities. It seems like it would pair well with Clouds and Rings too.

CV-PAL should be available at

  • Clouds
  • Links
  • Tides (sound source and complex modulator)
  • Peaks (more modulations)
  • Rings
  • Veils (attenuator, VCA, mixer…)

+1 for Peaks. A very useful module!


Tides, Peaks, Rings, and Veils it is! Thank you! I’ll try to track down a cv pal too.

CVPal full kit in stock @ thonk.


Will I need anything to output to my audio interface? Is the level OK out of the modules or do I need a mixer/headphone out module too?

> Will I need anything to output to my audio interface?

Most audio interfaces work well if you set their gain to the minimum. If it doesn’t work, you could use a channel of Veils to attenuate the signal a bit.

Thank you, and thanks for making both beautiful and unique modules! I had resisted Eurorack for a while now but Clouds is really incredible, and I couldn’t resist any longer. Would you recommend Sheep firmware or stock for this starter rack?

> Would you recommend Sheep firmware or stock for this starter rack?

Stock firmware.

Hey welcome to Eurorack and MI!

I would suggest you get CVPal at Thonk and while at it add Ears too, would be useful to integrate your guitars etc and pairs well with rings and clouds.

Thanks for the welcome! I will pick up an Ears, I thought it was cool but hadn’t thought about for the guitars/basses… even better! I ended up picking up a Beatstep Pro for sequencing/midi to cv/clock so that will suffice for now.

Peaks and Tides and Clouds. Must have.

I have the funds for either Elements or Rings, does that change anything or should I stick to Rings in this small setup initially? (Paired with Clouds, Tides, Peaks, Veils, and Links)

I may add an Atlantis down the road but not for ~6 months.

Rings, yes.

Braids is incredible in what it can do…pair that with a Peaks and your Clouds and pure bliss!

I received all of the MI modules except for the Veils (it wasn’t in stock from my vendor). I’d like to start by saying how beautiful the packaging, care, and craft are in these! The little touches like the free gift/toy are what make niche hobbies and supporting small companies worth while, and also the rock solid and careful build quality. Stunning!

I want to really dig in and explore these fully before making my next moves and additions. Unfortunately the uZeus was also out of stock so they should come Monday and I can get started! I think a Disting and Braids may be next though.

" I think a Disting and Braids may be next … " – and you are lost :wink:

:slight_smile: I knew what I was in for. The thing is that I’ve always been into electronic music (VSTs) and synths but I’m not a keyboardist so over time I’ve realized that modular plays to all of my strengths and none of my weaknesses as well as my musical style. I would often use my synths in more traditionally modular ways and to get more traditionally modular sounds so it made sense to jump in. It’s only money :slight_smile:

I have it all built and having a blast learning and diving into each of the modules. I do have one issue though, I can’t get anything approaching usable from Tides. It only makes rapid harsh squelchy noise or clicks and scratchy noise no matter what I seem to do. With both LEDs off (which should mean cyclic and medium range) no matter what I feed into Trig, v/oct, and or FM it just does that click/scratchy/squelchy stuff. Manually moving either the Fm or Freq knobs unleashes a lot of that same stuff. It is horribly unpleasant and either the module is defective or I am :slight_smile: Is there an easy test I can do to figure out if the module is bad?

I thought something simple like the manual mentions about using it as a simple VCO would be a good test, but it doesn’t say how to actually use it as a straight VCO.

I also don’t seem to grasp what Tides should be doing for me. I assumed it would do nice long oscillations for things like drones or evolving ambient stuff, but it seems like you just send CV into it on each input except for the outs: High Low Uni and Bi. I need some direction and help.