First build of a loverly shruthi

Hey guys just about to build my shruthi, starting on the smr4 board. and in the first pic with the parts you have to get ready there is a switch and two pots? i dont have either. i think switch is just optional, and i cant see where the two pots are needed in the build. so i think im good. just wanted to make sure before i got half way through, i then thought Cripes


The switches and pots are optional, they came only with the first version of the kit but I removed them later as they fit only in a custom case - the standard acrylic case is too small to house them.

There are spots on the PCBs to solder wires to pots and the main power switch. The assembly instructions explain that they need to be “bridged” if you don’t want to use the pots/switches.

:stuck_out_tongue: (same time)

cool. cheers guys