First build complete!

Shruthi XT w/ SMR-4 mk 2 standard board. Pretty fun build, with just a few frustrations. All the soldering was ok, except I tried to wire the PTP analog volume control and wound up deciding that trying to get it to work without noise was not worth any benefit it might offer over the digital volume control. Putting the enclosure together was probably the trickiest/most frustrating part, especially all the switch caps (DON’T USE GLUE! I thought it might be a bit nicer than the technique I learned from building the Sonic Potions LXR, but the single strips of duct tape as listed in that protocol, while tedious, apparently work better). One final, extremely frustrating thing was I somehow managed to lose a single switch cap in the course of cleaning the glue out of all of them. Spent hours searching for this one little black piece of plastic, but it seems to have vanished into the ether. Ordering a single switch cap from digi key is ridiculous ($4 for a tiny piece of plastic that doesn’t even fit right!), but I feel a need to have the build complete.

Nifty synth. I look forward to building a few more as time passes to get some poly action and stereo filtering going on. :slight_smile: