First and simplest case for Kroutshev's shruti-1

HI Folks !
After have finished to solder my shruti-1 last saturday and test it, i decide to make a temporarily case for it to prevent damage …
That’ s it :

Ciao !

Another photo and this time in decent size :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I have edited your posts to link to a resized image I have hosted on the mutable-instruments site:

I plan to put on the site a Shruti-1 gallery with all your units, and some random facts about you! Could you please remind me of your unit serial number when you post?

Great stuff! This is quite similar to what I was hoping to do (I like clear casings, particular with the colour of the PCBs for the Shruti-1). Where did you get the case, and how did you cut holes in it?

Case was full of Chocolate and i have to eat them for my shruti :wink: and after i use my dremel to make holes !

Noooooo wayyyyyy

Acchhhhh pichenettes, you found my secret source :wink:

i keep mine in excatly the same box for travel with it!

I have one of those boxes too! (waiting for my kit though). :slight_smile:

Ferrero rulez :slight_smile:

a little demo of shruti-1 which played sequences from my 303 !

@kroutshev: seen that on Matrixsynth :smiley:

Yep i’m entered in da matrix since build some diy stuff :slight_smile:

Another case model for my shruti-1 !
Enjoy :slight_smile:

And the beggining of my new live. MachineDrum + Sammish + Shruti-1

Good night !-]

This is the right link =>
See ya soon

cool case! how did you do the square holes for the buttons?
btw the link doesn’t work.

Hi Rosh
How are you ?
Yep you’re right about soundcloud link, there’s a mistake. I will upload it soon …

About square holes i used my dremel … One week of work to make holes and assembling.
But i had very good parts :wink: !
Have a nice day

ok - this ROCKS!

Thanks mate !