Now that the new modules are out in the wild I’ve been scouring everywhere to find the updated firmware for Tides and Frames with the tweaks. (I’m guessing that Peaks and Yarns don’t have any upgrades from the original run, although I could well be wrong).
Anyway, I can’t find them anywhere, although I could have just missed them.
Anyone know where I can get them from so I can update to the new sparkly versions that everyone else is getting.


Simon, believe I found it here. V1.0 added 4/3. Yay, can’t wait to get this one in!

FYI, here’s where all the official releases mingle

You’re a legend. I’ll download now and get it loaded. I can’t wait either. Fun, fun, fun.

Cheers qp.

Yes, these are the right files. I planned to make an announcement tomorrow.

Nothing worthwhile has changed on Yarns.

Oh boy that 10x button press is fabulouso! So much easier.

Agreed. I haven’t been using that function as much as I should due to having to previously power down. But now, well, it’s going to be used a hell of a lot.
And the addition of a step sequencer is just incredible.

Upgrading was a breeze for Frames, just like Braids. Straight in from my iPod at full volume. Struggling a bit with Tides though, seems to be a bit more finicky than Frames and Braids, so might have to use my computer. But will check that out in the morning.

Yet another amazing few modules Olivier. I’m massively impressed.


Small typo in Frames manual:
In case the signal level is too weak or too high, the procedure will stop and all 4 LEDs will blink, with the central frame knob illuminated in red. Try adjusting the output level, press the mode button and retry from the start of the update file.

> Press the add button.