Firmware update via midi

my shruti still has the .53 firmware on the chip, so yesterday I tried to do the update via midi. here is what I did:

1.) Downloaded the 0,56.mid file from MI
2.) Tried and failed to load the file in Ableton 4
3.) Tried and succeeded in loading the file in Reaper
BUT ! Reaper came up with six Miditracks! Five really short ones and one longer one (around 45 seconds).
Also Reaper did not adjust the tempo and stayed at 120bpm
The Shruti recieved incoming Midi in OS Update mode, but never made any progress at all. what did I do wrong?

The 6 tracks thing is normal - the other tracks do not have SysEx, only metadata. It should play fine at 120BPM


I DID IT! :smiley:

Live 4.0 wouldn’t even let me load the midi data. I was so frustrated with live’s performance on my new powerbook, that I decided to look somewhere else. So I am trying Reaper right now. Aaaand I fucked up the routing. I didn’t assign the six tracks to the hardware midi out.
Funny thing was: The shruti was still recieveing some kind of signal from the midi out, the orange led was always indicating midi data coming in, but no progress. so today I discovered the routing options and finally updated from.53 to .57.

gonna check it out now! :smiley:

renoise did a big poop when i tried this last night. reaper all the way i guess…