Firmware Update -> Blank Screen

Hello :slight_smile: was uppdating my Shruthi (polivoks) from 0.96 to 1.02 and after the screen is blank when i boot, what has happened?

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Have you set the fuses right ??
MOBO firmware had nothing to do with the filter board you use.
Update via sysext or atmel programmer ?

Hello :slight_smile: dont know about the fuses it worked before i updated, updated with sysex, havent tried the atmel programmer. I bought it on the net and did not put it together myself :slight_smile: so maybe a fuse? Ill check it out,

Forgot to mention its still in update mode when reebooting.

Did you happen to buy it from Elettrorama? This seller neglects writing the bootloader to Shruthi-1 units they sell, making sysex firmware updates impossible. If this is the case, you’ll either need a avrisp programmer or a new chip from someone who does.

Ahh crap, not shure, got it from a dude here in sweden dont know where he got it, its black with russian symbols on it :slight_smile:

It’s possible it was flashed wrong though (missing bootloader), I did it myself once.

If the updated worked once, the bootloader was installed.

the leds were blinking when transfering the sysex but not booting up after, screen not working, anyway here is a picure of it :slight_smile:

That’s not an Elettrorama but it definitely sounds like there’s no bootloader.

Ohh shii*t ill open it up then :slight_smile:

At the risk of repeating myself

The fact that the firmware update worked once means that the bootloader had been installed.

What I can’t figure out from your posts is whether the synth can still enter in firmware update mode or not. What happens when you power it on with the 6th button pressed?

Okay :slight_smile: when i start without the 6th button led 2,4,6 and 8 lights up and with the 6th button led 1,3,5 and 7 lights up.

Sorry to confuse matters @pichenettes. From what I read in this thread, chiptraxxx has never successfully updated his Shruthi-1 via bootloader. But it sounds like the piece of the puzzle I was missing is that if the unit can boot into bootloader mode, the bootloader is there. Correct?

Bootloader is there, so it’s simply a matter of restarting the procedure and understand why it failed the first time.

Which MIDI interface do you use?

I have an e-mu 1212m soundcard midi interface and tried the sendsx software + the one available on the elektron site. When updating 1 led lit up at a time until 3 where lit. I have tried superslow speed to. :slight_smile:

Not sure about this interface, but other e-mu products are known to have issues sending SysEx reliably.

A coool :slight_smile: going to try my laptop instead, sorry for late answer, lots of kids at home :S anyway thanks, my e-mu card usally works for sysex transfers but giving it a try =)

Weeeeee working! Thanks everybody, tried a different sysex software and it worked on the first try :smiley: midi-ox is the sh#t (best)

Hooray! Happy for ya, man!

Does this mean we get some more sleazy and/or funny tunes mr chiptraxxx?