Firmware done!

Yeah! This afternoon I put the last touch (in terms of features, but maybe not in terms of bug fix) to the Shruthi-1 firmware.

Some of the last features I have implemented:

  • “Snap” mode for knobs
  • user wavetable, transmitted by SysEx
  • “Looper” mode for the sequencer (play a 1-bar thing and it’ll loop it again and again)
  • Synchronization of the internal note sequencer to the MIDI-clock
  • Step by step note input in the pattern editor

I’ve shot lame videos, I’ll post them soon!

Congratulations! Your salary is hereby doubled;)

Really looking forward to it!

Some of the new things, UI-wise

And there’s a split mode too (a bit like polychain, but each unit has a region of the keyboard and forwards the notes outside of the region).

wow! all of those features are great. Snap mode is Huge![](, but so is sequencer sync to midi…and a looper…fun)

And here’s a second video

that’s great! the looper is also a very nice feature. is it easy to re-record the loop when already playing?

The way the looper works is the following:

  1. You press any key on the keyboard to start the sequencer.
  2. Whenever you start playing the sequencer is muted (though the clock continues counting), the looper is put in record mode for the duration of 1 bar.
  3. After one bar has elapsed, whatever you have played is looped.
  4. You stop the playback by pressing the same key that was used to start (for example, I usually use the first or last key of the keyboard for that purpose).

Which reminds me that there’s going to be a lot of documentation to write!

10/10 all round on the videos.

My shruthi favourites:
-The new features (thanks for split and sync especially)
-The general interface workflow (patch names and compare, such luxury)
-The seamless polychaining and polyphony handling (I sure didn’t hear any illogical robbing or voice stealing clicks)
-The presets. I normally don’t like presets, but those I like.

The real winners:
-Monotremes everywhere

My buzz overall:
-I’m going to say it again. The sound. I don’t know if the magic is in the 8bit, the PWM, the configuration, or whether Oliver simply has a sound style that I like.
But. There. Is. Magic. There.

I hope these make a splash and he grabs a fair R&D cut to help him carry on.
Because I sense this simple synth will rock rather hard.

Many questions, no doubt all will be answered happily in documentation and in time.