Firmware customization tool


You’re totaly crazy! Thanks a lot - can’t wait to test all the other wavetables…

this is awesome! too bad i’ll have to reassemble mine first before i can play around with it! should make me faster :smiley:
thank you!

hell yeah!

Olivier, you’re a Genius :slight_smile:

ha. amazing!

Thanks Olivier, will try in the next few days hopefully!

Regarding the custom wavetable option, can you give the required format again? I seem to remember this being a thread somewhere, but perhaps linking it on the site itself would be helpful, as others I’m sure will be interested to try there too…


  • Binary file
  • 2048 bytes
  • 128 bytes per waveform x 16 waveform
  • Unsigned 8-bit

You can find the preset .bin files in the source code of the firmware factory tool. The files are in data / shruti1 / wavetables, you can open them with audacity in RAW / no header / 8-bits / unsigned / 1 channel / 16kHz

Note that you can upload any file, really… png image, text file, or the Shruti-1 firmware itself. The app will truncate/pad it to the right size and it will just sound like harsh digital noise!

very cool Olivier.

Excellent, thanks for the detailed info!

This is so great! Just spent a good hour just messing around with the new wavetables. “Waves” is my favorite. I can’t wait to make my own.

This tool is a wonderful gift to those of us whom might not be able to take part in the ShruTHi-1 fun.
Many thanks for continuing to innovate!

Oliver, may I make a request in this thread?
I, like many others, am a wavetable fetishist. In fact, and I am slightly guilty admitting this, I would almost prefer an all-wavetable oscillator engine.

Would it be possible to make a version of the firmware, where both oscillators have access to multiple wavetables? I understand that this would mean eliminating many, if not all, of the calculated osc waves.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the non-wavetable waves, but I think this all-wavetable version would be a cool flavor of the standard firmware!

Many thanks.


On the shruti, square/saw/triangle are 1536 bytes each. There’s at most 600 bytes of code for the computed waveforms (fm, pad, vowel…). So in total there would be room for at most 4 wavetables. Not terribly sexy :frowning: Do you think it would still be worth it?

Perhaps it’s not the optimal situation, but if each oscillator is able to load one of four wavetables, that’s a lot of creative possibilities. Since each wavetable is made up of 16 waves, that’s a total of 64 timbres to play with (not to mention the interstitial waves and the interplay that the multiplier allows).

I don’t know. I’d love to have a wavetable-only flavored firmware and it’s “worth it” to me, but is it worth your effort?
Since the Shruti is done and there (probably) won’t be any further enhancements, this could certainly serve as a nice option.
All that being said, if I could categorize it, I’d say that this is a “when you have time for it” request.



Ok, it took me 17min to make it work, and then I decided it might be worth selecting the wavetables too. So you can go to firmware-factory and pick “shrutiwave” in the first list. 5 wavetables + a surprise for osc 1, osc 2, and the suboscillator too!

drool :smiley:

I shouldn’t say that but it sounds good!

You are just…amazing. A coding god? If not a god, then certainly a saint.
Anyway, I’ll be trying this very soon. Reporting back in a couple hours…

Unbelievable. Amazing work as usual, Olivier! Having trouble keeping pace with the updates around here. Just tried out some wavetables and I’m stunned. but I’ve got an evening of soldering ahead of me!

Really cool. Having so much fun with multiple wavetables! In synthesis, scanning wavetables is one of the most pleasing things to do, for me, and now I can do it with both oscs! It’s like a mini Waldorf Microwave.
Oh, and how great is it that you can use one of the 5 wavetables as the subosc waveform??

The “surprise” is nice, too. You’ll have to let us in on what it is exactly.

Every time one thinks you have topped yourself, you manage to rise the bar eve higher! I can’t say how much I love this little creature of yours!