Firmware Burning

Hello all! I`m probably gonna piss some of you off with my noob questions, but here it goes. I`m currently setting up to make the shruthi-1 v0.8 and smr-4-mkII pcb (homebrew no metallic trans. just solder some wire and then solder on both parts) i`m an analog junkie…so the digital firmware upload its a bit difficult (i cfw some stuff, played with arduino but not isp or avr, no noob but almost).
Anyway…i can download the hex file from here: shruthi-1 v1.02 (i have to burn the bootloader and firmware at the same time?)
and the second question: the avr progammer…
will this do? (i will adapt the header so its 3x2 socket). But how does the upload will work…i will still reserch on that hopefully i will make it.
Thanks you guys.

how’d you go with all this? I ended up using atmel studio combined with winAVR and managed it somehow with that programmer…

I have the same programmer, and have used it to successfully resurrect a dead shruthi, so that’s not a problem :slight_smile:

As for the actual process… Ehhh… I think it’s on the wiki somewhere, or in a post on the forum… Can’t recall, sorry :confused:

I think this might help:

have fun,

Haha…i`ve managed to build it succesfully. after 1 month of setting environment and gathering the right tools. so heres how it went.
First i tried to flash the chip with arduino with avrisp. No success. couldn’t detect the chip on-board.

Second i tried with usbasp. everything is good, chip recognized, used the bake_all comand setting fuses ok, uploading bootloader, firmware and eeprom. avrdude says it ok. Nothing on shruthi, all the led`s lit.
Used upload_all comand (with precompiled firmware) the same.
Then i tried extreme-burner, set the fuses. upload firmware then bootloader, still nothing. Then i erased the chip, burned just the firmware, and it worked. just that it went directly to arp section.
Hmm…maybe its missing the bootloader. and i screwd around with it until i set some wrong lock fuse and bricked it. Bummer. Bought a new atmega644p set the fuses very carefully, uploaded just the firmware and it acted chaotic(buttons didnt work, encoder jumped 10 values). Then i noticed the resistor network was 8B103G…bummer. Made a diy resistor network with paralel 10k and now it works like a charm.
So if anybody needs any pointer in usbasp, extreme-burner it works very good :slight_smile:
Flashed the eeprom just fine :slight_smile:
Thanks everybody :slight_smile: