Firmware .97

After updating to firmware .97 for the LP2/Delay board, I just noticed in the cv. control, when I scroll through from 4 cv in --> pedals, the programmer mode continually flashes/switches characters.
I don’t have anything connected to the cv inputs.

Dunno if this affects anything, or is just something to ignore unless I connect a programmer (XT etc…).


From what I remember, it’s something to ignore unless you connect a programmer. I thought I read this from the reference manual?

edit : yes
cv. (cv.mode): Enables software handling of specific input devices connected to the CV inputs. 4 cv in is the default: the 4 voltages at the 4 CV ins are read and made available in the modulation matrix. prgm must be selected to enable Frank Daniels’ programmer. pedals directly map CV1 and CV2 to oscillator 1 and 2’s parameter, and CV3 to the cutoff frequency. It has been used for a custom-built Shruthi with an expression pedal connector and a joystick…
since the cv pins are floating, they are receiving noise / radio waves and stuff, and they automatically update the cutoff and pw1 and pw2 parameters, which changes are displayed.

If you don’t have a programmer you don’t select programmer, simple. Or else you get some behaviour as it will be trying to read from hardware that doesn’t exist.

I kind of figured that.
I just didn’t notice it before.

Maybe it’s a subliminal way of telling me I need a programmer.


yups, thats the true meaning of floating values…