Firmware 0.96 update fail!NOT WORKING!

I state that you upgrade from version 0.90 to run with the same procedure without problems!
This morning I tried to upgrade to 0.96 …
part of the upgrade comes at the end with no problems … you start it again shruthi-1 and …
Display off! LED all lit! inuilizzabile tool!
no longer allows me to make a new bootloader …
p6 also pressing me always all leds! no upload!
as if it were not mpu
can anyone help me?
C6 use for the update and never gave me any problems … : (

You probably need an AMTEL programmer to resurrect it I think.

Or buy the “programmed chips” from the store and replace your ATMega. This is the cheaper option compared to buying the official AMTEL programmer, although there are cheapo ones on ebay.

and what I thought of doing …
I have a programmer AXIS PRESTO… which is great…
I do not know how to set the fuses for the ATMEGA …
I could not find any information at this site …

It’s handled by the build process for the bootloader.

The makefile lists the fuses, but having not done this myself I don’t know the exact procedure. I’m sure someone else will :slight_smile:

Link to Makefile

Hmmm, the only AXIS PRESTO I’ve found on the web is this one:

If you have an AVR programmer, the only thing you need to do is flash this file . The fuses have already been set.

Otherwise you can send me back the chip.

sorry…ASIX not AXIS…

later try to reprogram the MCU …
I ll let you know …
thanks a lot!

Looks like you need a special cable / connector to hook up the presto to the AVR… Also, I don’t know which software supports this programmer.

This looks like the “adaptor” required. But it could be made easily.


I’ve already seen the “screen off - all leds lit” on a shruti…

The problem was: ATmega partially out of the socket… maybe have a quick look at it, just in case.

Full story is that this shruti was sometimes freezing for apparently no reason, nothing that could be reproduced.
When opening it to try to change the optocoupler [because that might have caused it, since I thought that maybe it seemed to freeze more when a lot of midi was sent in, following Olivier’s advice when I described the problem], then it didn’t start anymore with the case off [I hadn’t even touched anything yet, just removed the case] and it was exactly what you’re describing, screen emtpy, all leds on], and then I noticed how the atmega was not correctly plugged in the socket [high end socket… haha funny] so contact was lost sometimes when touching the shruti pots and it made it freeze. Then once opened it was off the socket a little more and contact wasn’t made on all atmega’s legs.

Well I don’t know if this can help, but was a stupid problem on mine and I’ve been trying to understand way too much considering what really was wrong!

Watch out for legs folding under the chip when inserted into the socket as well. They look correctly inserted at a glance and often touch the socket enough to work. But when it starts to warm up the expansion breaks the contact and the device misbehaves.

To avoid the hidden bent Legs i only use precision Sockets for 40PIN DILs because here you can clearly see when a Pin is bent. Which is not as easy on the Cheap ones

Well the problem detailed above was with a machined pin socket :slight_smile: But i’ve only had the problem of the pins bending in the middle of the pin and outwards. Normally this isn’t too much bother, but when it is with SID chips it is rather worrying, you don’t want a pin snapping.

Another thing to look out for is when the socket’s legs bend under when you insert them into the PCB before soldering. Always check every single pin has poked through the holes. It’s not fun desoldering them :slight_smile:

I had this happen with my SammichSID, the IC sockets supplied with the kit were a special type that clings to the PCB when inserted. But they also are more prone to bending under.

no way!
I tried to program with isp and shows no signs of life!
If the MCU gate and I plan everything with muboot 0k!
LEDs light up 1 3 5 7 but as soon as the upload midi go out!
them all back off.
Unfortunately, trying to verify the chip on my programmer gives me BAD CHIP!
I know it’s fried!
shit! : (

Personally I would only trust what the programmer device says if you know it to be reliable and well designed. There are so many poorly designed programming devices with abysmal software around and I have bought my fair share of them.

It’s part of DIYing to have to invest in some quality tools at times.

What I want to know is if anyone knows how to program the meat slicer?

I’m too HAMfisted to try :slight_smile:

> LEDs light up 1 3 5 7

If it’s still the case, the chip is not fried, the bootloader is still there and responding. You need to get the MIDI upload procedure to work - adjust the settings of your MIDI interface or C6. But chips don’t get “fried” like that.

I’ll explain

I reprogrammed the chip with bootloader

I turn and I hold down S6

LEDs are accenono 1 3 5 7

how to send the send the c6 the leds and everything stops working.
turning on the shruthi1 bootloade is gone!
reprogrammed the chip with bootloader and …

while if I program the chip directly with the 096.hex
LEDs blink at random …

after I turn off and power back up the shruthi1 but nothing happens!
if I use the test function of the devices programmer tells me … BAD CHIP

Send me back the chip. I bet it’s not fried, though :slight_smile: