Finished Shruti-1 control board, problem with lcd? [SOLVED]

Hello, finished the control board, and did the first test from step 11. Seemed to be ok. Soldered the lcd, started the Shruti-1, and proceeded to set the contrast. Up to here all good. What happens is that I get some minor refresh issue with some characters. I recorded the issue with my phone, immediately after I power on:

I also noticed that if led 6 is blinking, the screen back-light also seems to blink, or fluctuate, a little bit. Is this normal?


What PSU are you using? Is it powerful enough?

It should be, it is a workbench PSU, capable of 2.5A at 30V. In this case it says it is supplying 0.09A.


I resoldered a suspicious spot and now I get the mutable instruments splash screen. :slight_smile:


It looked like one of the ADC pin was left floating, and the MCU wrongly detected the rotation of one pot.