Finished my Shruthi build. Questions about metal case setup

Hi All,

So after some work this weekend I could build my Shruthi-1!

I have been following the information on this forum and the mutable wiki. I bought a Pico Paso in the middle of the week and built it without any problems.

By the end it was a bit challenging to install the boards on the metal case (bought on the mutable shop). Is there a guide on how to install the boards on the metal case? I could do it in the end, but didn’t sound very right. The information on for the plexiglass case should apply the same (about making the sandwich) to the metal case?

Another simple question is about what is the best way to put the caps on the potentiometers, I had to put so much pressure that I was scared about breaking the board. Is there any common trick for that?

Besides this questions I will make another post on the census of assembled kits with my experience and to share the mistakes/problems I went through.


A couple of photos…

I believe the instructions for the metal case are in the shop. But unfortunately the shop is closed this week.
I don’t think you have to be afraid to break the boards.