Finished but dead Anushri

Last year I bought the Anushri kit and spent many evenings putting it together. When I was finished, I plugged in the power supply and nothing happened. No lights, no smoke, no explosion.
Then I had a baby (not caused by the Anushri), and I suddenly didn’t have any time for troubleshooting.

I had soldered a fair amount of working, simpler kits before, and I do own a cheap multimeter but I hardly know how to use it.
Now that I want to see this thing working again, where do I begin?

Thanks in advance,

Watch this tutorial about multimeters

Power the board and check the voltages as explained in the “power distribution” section of the build instructions. Black probe on one of the blue points, check all the voltages on the red / green / purple / cyan points.

I was going to write the same thing. I followed these directions and resurrected my partially functioning Anushri. Reading a multimeter for voltage should be very straightforward. Good luck.

Thanks a lot, I will try this today!

I just realized I can’t find the power supply I used though, so will have to go out and get a new one.
I did notice that the one I think I used, probably was a center pin negative (Korg 9V 600 mA).
I assume this could’ve been the reason for it not working as well?

Definetely, if this really has been the case…

And the LEDs are glowing… now I just have to try it out :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything so far!

And it produces sound, and responds to MIDI!
Man, this is great…

Awesome - glad it all seems to be working now!