Finished Beat707 Build

I thought I would pass along some photos of my completed Beat707 in it’s Front Panel Express paneled Hammond case. And a HUGE thanks to Altitude for providing me with the FPE panel files, an awesome email help with questions. The only FPE panel file he did not provide was the side plate with the Midi ports. I had this custom made by FPE.

how much was the panel?

$130-140 for the front panel.
$25-30 for the side panel.
$25-30 for the black Hammond case.

Looks like the beat707 is not in stock right now but that is okay as I will be working on a midiseq soon. It looks great though!

@shimoda Yeah, I don’t think Rugged Circuits is selling the PCBs/Assembled PCBs anymore. I think the build instructions and Eagle files are on the Beat707 website free for download though.