Finished Anushri build - time to test

1st question, I can only find a 12V center + 1A power supply. I would love to power it up tonight but will it fry the Anushri. I should by a 9.5V tomorrow right ?

Should I test the voltages before putting the chips in ?

Thanks !

If it outputs 12V its ok, no more please or else you might fry the LT1054. In any case test the voltages (with the LT1054 inserted…) before putting all the chips in.

I would suggest you to first check with a multimeter that it actually outputs 12V and not more…

Thanks guys, I just checked and its 15V into the meter, I thought this might be as its not got any load ?

I guess its common for supplies to be higher than stated ?

It is common, and it might be a problem for the LT1054. I suggest you to wait for the 9V supply.

I’ll wait, don’t want to kill it !


OK so have the supply and tested, found I has the voltage regulators wrong, have swapped em.

It seems to work ! I get note when I press Hold for 2 seconds and all the controls effect the sound.

I can’t seem to get it to respond to midi, could you give me a simple test, is there any midi input monitor LED ?


WOOHOO ! drum page is working nicely, need midi input !

OK OK it was the midi button on my midisport 2x2 :slight_smile: