Finished 12-voice mega-Ambika

Here is first photo of the Unicorn:

I haven’t tested and calibrated voicecards yet, but hope to do so later today. Am building some extra cards this afternoon—a couple of TubeOhm ladder filters.

Can’t thank Adrian Hallik enough for being so reponsive to case connector idea!

Now you just need two more fingers!

That must have been one hell of an undertaking.

Congratulations, mate.


>two more fingers!

Or add a foot pedal board for low bass. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words, kroaton & Stockislander! It was a shit-ton of work, but fun the whole time. I spent a couple of hours alone on getting the shrink-tubing just right, to isolate each LED.

Update: Happy to report that all 12 MI voicecards are working well :slight_smile:

Starting in on soldering the TubeOhm ladder-filter voicecards now. . .

Looks great. Please post some sound demos when you have time :slight_smile:

I have the ladder filter in my Shruthi XT. You will love it. With resonance at minimum, you get the deep faaaaaat bass sound. Ahhhhh, I could rave about it all day long :slight_smile: