Fine tuning


i was experimenting with patches that use consonant osc tuning today.
…which lead to some questions:

i figured, the osc2 fine detune (0…127) gives 100 cent at 127. (i tested using “saw”) - so a step of one would be 100/128 cents, right ?
is that true for all waveforms?
in the manual it only says “Fine detuning of Oscillator 2.” for that.
is there a way of getting a smaller resolution than 100/128 with mod matrix or operators?

in 0.94 some detuning issues where fixed. is there still something detuned (not talking about the filters)?

Yes, the tuning step is 100/128.

This is true for all waveforms except FM. The reason is that “FM” is indeed 2 oscillators bundle into one and that we don’t have the computational resources to do a full 24-bits phase incrementation for both. So FM is slightly out of tune.

It is not possible to a smaller resolution.

At the exception of FM, everything is using 24 bits phase increment resolution, and the 8 cents offset of older version has been fixed. So no detuning problems upfront.

thanks a lot. i will experiment a bit more with that in the next days. (have to build polivoks fb first of course)
now i know that everything unexpected that happens is from my patch and not from the firmware :slight_smile: