Fine tune destination for individual oscillators?

I was wondering if there’s a way to modulate fine-tune of an individual oscillator on the Ambika (or Shruthi-1 for that matter). I basically want to add drift and/or vibrato to an individual oscillator (not both as in the vibrato destination).


hmm? you can detune any oscillator, think in 1/63 half tone … or you mean something different .

I mean as a modulation destination. I guess this is really a feature request.

ah ok, yes you are right, think it is missing

There is the modulation ~1 … That is pitch of OSC1… If the range is to big you can use the operator. Put the LFO and a number in the operator and use ‘prd’… Then use the Operator in the mod matrix to send it to ~1

Hmm, I tried that but didn’t think the increments got smoother than when using coarse osc mod destination. Perhaps, I’m mistaken. Will try again. Thanks.

@shiftr You’re perfectly right sir! With the modulation operators help it works nice and smoothly. I don’t know what I did wrong previously. Perhaps I used the attn operator instead of prod. Thanks again.

Had the same question, tried the modulation operators with LFO -> constant : PROD
but i think the result of the modulation output is not bipolar. Im trying to modulate just one OSC with a small amount.

Was also thinking about modifying the code (already know where i think) so i guess i could just make a binary and flash the Ambika via the sd card with the new destination mod to fine tune OSC 1 and 2 ?

Amazing synth BTW !!!