Finally working on the enclosure!

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i’ve desoldered all of the control components, like pots, buttons, leds, jacks and placed them offboard. also i’ve built a small psu so i don’t need a wallwart anymore (and no more 1044).
i must say how i made the aluminum panel is really a shame… no legends, but huge scratches, bad drilling, worse sawing, fingerprints all over… but i don’t think i’ll redo it. but i can try to make the Shruthi more beautiful.
well, i’m glad it works. everything’s fine.
now to the wooden case (hopefully soon)

Yeah, this is the first MilSpec Shruti…cool. Superb Job Rosch!

thanks! yeah MilSpec seems to be what i need, or at least civil engineering conditions.
i’m just über glad it works, as i messed up 1 or 2 solder pads during desoldering. next time i’ll try the syringe method. this seems less damaging than solder sucker… i haven’t had much luck with desolder wick when doing through plated holes. so my method until now was heating the pad and then drop the pcb to the surface of the desk (not too hard of course, but it’s hard to tell how easily copper lines could be damaged by doing it that way)

i haven’t tried midi yet but i guess it will (should) work too. and haven’t tried the audio in. and once i have it in the box i’ll do some grounding experiments (switched jack for audio in like in the original, as well as connecting PE to the circuit ground. i found i don’t have to ground the frontpanel as the mounting screws for the LCD provide a reliable connection).
the leds have slightly different brightness, i suspect some loose connection here and there, maybe i have to re-crimp some of the plugs again…
as the Shruthi has only 6 buttons it should be possible to do the next one with the alucorex material, i should be able to fit it all in its size.