Finally working on the enclosure!


i’ve started making my Shruti-1 enclosure today!
it will be a wooden case with an aluminum top- and back panel. it’s much bigger than the other designs i’ve seen so far, about 21x32 cm
i’ll have to do the back panel tomorrow, then disassemble parts of the original pcbs. i hope i won’t destroy it.
i don’t think i need labels etc, because i’m already used to the buttons / functions.
but i might paint it (partially).

edit: the pic’s a link to my flickr set, it’s the same i’ve already posted, just with additional photos.


I can see installing this in the wall near the front door of my house so that its the first thing I see inviting me home.

Also, it could double as a faux alarm system. :smiley:

whoa - huge! 0_0

looks like a quality build! love the arcade buttons :wink:

and space for crazy decals/graphics! or whatever really. and +1 on the big ol arcade buttons.

haha, thanks guys!
yeah i like these arcade buttons too! and i have a bunch of them so i’ll use them in some projects. i found just the right tool to stance the holes at 28.3mm (PG21). it’s called “Schraublocher” in german, or “Knacker”.

i’m trying to make it very stable so you can do anything with it on stage. but when it comes to the design qualities i think it’s quite embarassing, honestly. the distances between the arcade buttons are not always the same, just look at the holes of the display and the power switch :-S
but it’s all handcrafted. i would have made a design with that alucorex photo aluminum if i had just been happy with the maximum size (128mm in height).

also i have to shorten the pots’ shafts a bit. i’ll give it a try with the guys on the pics. but maybe i’ll switch to other pots that fit some mxr knobs i’ve recently bought for the WTPA… i like them much more than these small ones, but we’ll see…

maybe i’ll paint areas black or red (these colors come to mind when i think Shruti), maybe even draw the goddess with a needle… do you guys have any ideas for a cool way to design it?

next thing is glueing a wooden case and then slowly taking the synth apart, and rewire everything …which is the worst part!

rosch - be carefull with thos board mounted pots! taking them off was my way to fucking up my wtpa! good luck - you can do it, just don’t rush it like I did

you’re absolutely right. i’ll try it carefully with some wick. if that doesn’t work i’ll just cut the pots’ legs, the easiest method. but i have the impression that the wtpa was somewhat more fragile and vulnerable than the Shruti boards are. i’ve changed the buttons and some capacitors on my first party - a PITA, really. but no such experience yet during the shruti vca mod etc…

hey rosch,
nice design, how did you drill the holes? do you have got a small cnc-machine ? if this is aluminium it would be a pleasure for me to laser-engrave a shruti-logo for you.

hey, thanks! i sawed the rectangular ones with a jigsaw (not very professional, though) and used a stance for the large holes:

basically you drill a M12 hole and put the guiding screw through, then you pull it tight with a wrench until it falls through.

and yes… it is aluminum at 2mm thickness. and yeah, if you can do such engravings of course i would love to have a logo engraved. that’s a very nice offer!

Quirks ahoy! (<- I like that…)

Engraving aluminium always is white on the colour of the possibly eloxidized (<-? but you know hat i mean…). Better contact me via eMail for details…

hmm my handmade panel is not anodized… it’s just raw natural aluminum.

does the laser engraving go deep enough into the material to be able to fill it with black paint?
or should i rather get me a decent black aluminum panel?

any particular reason why you went for such a massive front plate? the knobs look a bit dwarfed by the buttons…

yes, i need the size to have the big buttons all in a row (4cm distance between the centers of the holes). they make the knobs look very small, indeed. so maybe i’ll get me another set of good pots, because i found some very cool mxr knobs, just not for knurled shafts. they require 6.3mm.

one more reason is i like a big control surface with much room between the pots, and i wanted to have the display a bit away too.
so there’s a lot of space for either a nice logo, or i could use that room later for an additional lfo or something…

Hey Rosch,

a laser engraving does not cut into the material, it just turns aluminium (no matter if raw material or anodized) in white aluminium oxide. If you got black anodized material the engraving also will turn white. Theres no problem engraving your logo and markings for the knobs in one turn - no need to fill with paint. Maybe you send ma a sample?

ok, so then i assume i better get me a black anodized panel. so would the size of the panel (32cm X 21cm) be ok or is there a limitation?

i can make a panel design with Abacom Frontdesigner if that works with your machine.

32x21 is at the limit. make it with whatever you like, i just need a b/w (1Bit) jpeg/tiff/whatevergraphicsformat you like.

Oh, when i think about it, perhaps you dont need to rework the whole thing, just spray it black with paint…

ok! i’ll try that tonight… can you recommend a good supplier for anodized alu?

google ist always fine when it refers to wikipedia, where you can find this Eloxieranleitung

undestroyable shruti i like it!

seems like i’m procrastinating, but i just couldn’t find a decent black anodised aluminum panel! but i know i’ll find one- i just hope i still can get back with you later for the engraving…
the link to the anodising equipment is interesting, but would rathe be a big investion for me as i do not own any engraving machinery…

for the moment i use the existing panel, so i try it and find out if it’s ok that way. i also have to wait for the pots and knobs i’ve ordered.
but i’ll post pictures as soon as there’s progress.

thanks again for your offer!