Finally started my journey



Finally after years of indecision said fuck it and bought a skiff and a few modules. Just spent the last few hours with my 0-coast, Batumi, Rings and Ripples, going into my UAD emt140, so much fun and so nice to be creating music and not watching tutorials!

I’m wanting to create ambient techno, melodic textures, drones and ambient shifting patterns, I’m fine with creating beats ITB and happy using ITB effects.

So just wanted to get some feedback on my build as alot of it is MI.

I’m interested in integrating Reaktor and m4l cv toolkit so therefore the Expert Sleepers ES-8 seemed like a great compact solution. Originally I was planning on getting Braids but it was taking up a lot of room so settled with a Klavis Twin Waves.

Oh and I also have a Phenol with banana to 3.5mm cables which has loads of functionality especially the envelopes and dividers and a Koma Field Kit which i’m looking forwards to sending into Rings and Clouds.

So my dilemma is Maths, It seems to be the one that everyone says is essential and has almost limitless possibilities
however i’ve been advised to get a Function instead and that would mean that I could get a Disting mk4 and something else.

I know my setup is small and limited but I have to start somewhere, I can dream of having an 84hp 6u case at some point as that seems to be the perfect size setup for me.

Thanks for looking



Funny you say that… I have an MN Function, and I bought it used from Olivier here :grin:
I got it for similar reasons. I was told it was more or less half a Maths. Being unsure about Maths myself, it seemed like a decent compromise. I have a Doepfer A-171-2 as well, which is a very similar module. Function has its quirks, but I find myself using it more than the Doepfer. I did have to change the panel though (To Grayscale), as Im not really a fan of MN’s zany graphics & scarcely legible fonts.

Disting MK4 is very good too. Very useful and rather less cryptic to use than the older versions.

There are some small sequencers around that you could fit in that blank space if you wanted? I realise you might want to sequence the rig from your computer, but sequencers also make excellent modulation sources. It might also allow you to self contain your system a bit more for times when you may not want to use the computer.

And would you need a quad VCA on a small system? A dual might suffice?


You’ve got me thinking about sequencers. Peaks seems like a very versatile unit and brainseed looks amazing too, really like whats going on here.

but no room for brainseed aaargh


Hey thanks, someone mentioned on muffs about taking it slow and letting the exploration guide the purchasing of modules I think that’s very wise advice.


Yeah. To take it slow is the best advice you can get. :+1:


Phenol is great, I have one too. I’m not a fan of Maths, it was one of the first modules I sold. I do have a Function, which I quite like. It is easy to use and very handy. I have recently added a Dual Function Generator and Smooth/Stepped Generator, also fun. I have several sequencers, included a Eurokorn and two unusual Black Seqs from FCD72. I converted a Division 6 Business Card Sequencer to Euro and it’s quite handy.

I don’t have Rings but do have Peaks (and may get another). Get the Function, you can always add Maths later if you want.

Here is a sample of something not overly useful musically perhaps but I wanted to generate some audio with modules that are not usually used for audio. Three modules


Yeah i couldn’t decide, I know Maths is deep for sure but I at least want to see what it can do, but then I swing back to Function Peaks and Disting, I’m using the Phenol for it’s utilities never really like the sound of the oscillators, but need another banana to 3.5 per kit :slight_smile:


I think I’m a bit too stupid for the combination of Maths’ functionality and the creative graphics. I actually like the sound of the Phenol 'though. It takes some time to get used to but I find it can sound almost acoustic, like Joe Zawinul’s 2600s, or electronic. I still haven’t quite figured out the EGs!

I ended up making a couple of 3.5mm to banana panels, it’s easy to do.


did you build some thing like this?


that’s a good looking start, especially building out of yr computer w the ES-8. I think you’d be off and running even without the ES-8.

there’s plenty for Maths to do in that instrument off the bat, a messy relationship with it’s neighbor Batumi seems in the cards.

definitely go through the manual (maybe duh - but it’s got a lot of good example patches in there). I’m not totally in love with it, I haven’t really invested a lot of time in “learning Maths,” but it most definitely is not wasting 20hp. the worst case is you sell it which is not awful.

if you are going to be sending audio to the modular via ES-8, i’d keep the quad VCA, you’ll find a use for 4 channels just mixing and matching with Rings and Clouds.


I did it as a Euro panel, with an extra banana jack for the ground, which is optional I think. The ground is also connected to the Euro busboard ground.

You can see it on the left side, above the Anushri.



Ah cool like it, this is my current setup, clouds arriving today!


Nice compact system, looks handy for live use. Mine changes constantly, and I don’t play live so I mostly use the larger Eurorack setup I have. The smaller case that the Anushri is in is to remind me that I should play live sometime.