Finally Playing my Shruthi-1

I have been working on my Shruthi-1 every sunday since sometime in June. I took my time with it and was rewarded with a unit that looks and works perfect. Now I have finally had my first evening of just enjoying playing with it and all I can say is “WOW!”.

I jacked my Shruthi-1 into a 200watt PA amp that I build myself about three years ago and plugged that into a 4’x4’x2’ plywood cab with 4 8" full range PA speakers that I normally use with my Korg CX-3. The samples that you can play online just don’t do the Shruthi-1 justice! When you get this thing hooked into something that can really show off the capabilities, you are in for a mind expanding, time travelling musical journey. All I can say is thanks to Olivier for an amazing experience!

PS - Is anyone else going to the Pacific Northwest Synthfest this weekend?

Recorded samples never do justice to any synth, particularly not analog :slight_smile:

is that you dj stingray?

That’s a lot of Sundays since June - congratulations on finally making it to the Shrutiversum !

No dj here. The “Stingray” handle is a holdover from a previous hobby. :wink:

not drexciyan dj stingray then :slight_smile: