Finally got my Anushri!

Finally it arrived! My first synth purchase of 2016 and damn it’s special!

Wasn’t happy that the plexi case crashed in the shipment but the magic box worked as soon as i improvised the euro plug that slides into the belly of the power supply… If anyone has a spare case you can part with, i’ll be really happy to hear it!

Anyway, i couldn’t get sound out of it at first, so i dove into the manual… sequencer, yes, how do you? damn, couldn’t understand… Saw the midi part and i hooked it up to my first synth at hand, a Bassstation 2… Took a while to figure out but after some tinkering woah - holly shit even the BS2’s controls, aftertouch work like a charm! It even sounds like an Octave cat and then like a metasonix box…

Really happy to have found this amazing synth! Hope to have time to play with it! Interface it with my Werkstat and other gear i got… It’s definitely a great little magic box!

I’m making a small run of Anushri metal cases what will look like this

If interested, then let me know.

Hi Adrian, I’m very happy with my plexi case for Anushri but could you send a link for this beauty in higher resolution just for my eyes sake ? :slight_smile:

you don’t need better pictures, Adrian works is always awesome ! :smiley:

Hi Adrian, i am interested. Although i like the plexi a lot… How much will it be? What kind of wood are you using?

Yeah, that box is sexy. I’m interested too!

Oh that’s nice ! I am totally interested too !

For first skiffs I used Ash, but was thinking to switch to walnut.
This is a snapshot from rendering, same graphics as official only missing Anushri and MI logo.
Case will be two parts- Skiff is 1mm powder coated steel and 2mm aluminum powder coated and screen printed Eurorack panel.
Price is unclear now, should get exact price next week, but I think it will be around 65€.

oh man, that is awesome! I also have a Werkstatt, and while I like the orange dayglo of the original Anushri case, those two would make quite a pair with that case.

Will you make them in white ? I’ll buy one anyway …

Could make some white yes.

Awesome ! Do we need to contact you directly by email ?

PM me your e-mail. I’ll contact you when ready.