Finally finished: my new eurorack modular case!

I’m sure I had a discussion here already about this… but I can’t find it anymore.
It took me a long time but now it’s finally finished and neatly filled with all of the modules I’ve designed the panels for (plus a couple of “strangers” to fill the gaps). Unfortunately Reichelt’s subracks leave a bit of free space but it’s not that bad. I’m pretty happy with my case!
here’s a photo of the finished build


Coo. Whats that black thingie left to Jupiter Storm?


and while we’re at it - what’s that 6hp thing on the right of the j.s.?

@mic.w it’s the vcNOIZ

wow - jupiter storm and that - you sure love your noise sources!
very nice setup. would love to hear what you’re donig with it.

(needs moar vca’s, of course :slight_smile: )

haha, yeah that wasn’t totally a choice I’ve made… they found me more than the other way around. I’ve designed both panels so I have them because I like to have a module of all the panels I’ve made. the vcNOIZ was the first panel I’ve done for hex