Finally finished my custom project!

Finally finished my Shruthi-1 rackmount edition with 3 Midibox cores inbuilt courtesy of TK over at

Thanks for the folks who helped me on this forum, lovin my new instrument!

Heres a photo album:

Woah! photos turned out massive! Ill try an fix that

yeah would be interesting to see them :slight_smile:

Yeah, I want to know more about this ! :slight_smile:
I’m totally interested in knowing more too!

I have the same rack case and built my MIDIBox FM in it. My cutting of the LCD hole is just as bad :slight_smile:

a real beauty :slight_smile:

Right click the image and select View Image. it opens in another tab in a viewable size.

or “ctrl+/ctrl-” to zoom this page

one trick when you get a nasty cutout in a sheet of metal cuz you just hand drilled it or whatever is to use another material that is much easier to make square (or already is square and the right size) and put a ‘frame’ around the nasty hole that you made. I used this method to prettify a shruthi case I made out of an aluminum hammond enclosure where I did all the aluminum cutting/drilling by hand - just cemented a lasercut top panel onto it - still need to raise LEDs tho…

Good tip. I was always going to have a metal panel made up to cover it up on my MIDIBox FM. But then I got the PreenFM and lost interest in finishing it lol.

There we go size is sorted. Good advice about the LCD frame, thats 1 area I wanted to revisit at somepoint

Ok so to sum up its functions, its the Shruthi SMR4 mkII.

It has an inbuilt midi merging core.

It also has 2 midibox MBHP core modules that filter and process the various data coming in from my Electribes. Program changes from the electribes are stored in the cores and processed within the sequencer before outputing to the Shruthi to change patches intelligently based on my jam session.

The handiwork on the case aint great, but its not about looks I suppose (I really just cant do any better lol :slight_smile: )

Thanks to the folks who helped me here on the forum with my analog board troubles.

Nice combo! A Mutable Instruments SMR sticker
on the front panel maybe or do u prefer the