Finally, a 4PM case I like

I thought the standard white case hid too many of the nice bits, and I wasn’t happy with the idea I had for putting the input and output volumes on faders at the side. I had a bunch of frosted plexi around that I thought looked like ice so I decided the 4PM should be a synth ice cube:

and here it is in my new Shruthi threesome holder (just a twosome so far):


It has been on for the past 4 hours or so, with the LEDs changing colours, and there is no noticeable temperature difference between the case and the room. I’m happy, at least with this.

@yewtreemagic: Yes I realise that with a lower voltage the heat dissipated by the regulators will be less (as this is how they work), one can still be worried though… :wink:
If piscione is happy, I’m happy, more or less, and I still think it looks nice, the case that is…

MicMicMan, you’re right, the movie was not at all the same. The original cartoons had great music and lots of little jokes that most kids would not understand at all. I’m going to be 54 in a few weeks so I grew up watching the Flintstones, Jetsons and all of the Looney Tunes stuff. One of these days I’ll become a mature, responsible adult, I think.

I hadn’t noticed any appreciable heat being generated by my other Shruthi so I figured it was safe. Wouldn’t be too hard to drill a few holes but I think I’ll see how things go without for awhile.

@Lindeborg: If you use a switchable output PSU and adjust it so the output voltage is around 7-volts when plugged into your Shruthi-1 then comparatively little heat will be produced inside.

Any higher voltage than this will all end up as hotter 7805/7905’s though.


We had the Flintstones on tv in France, when i was a child!
But i think younger people (i’m 28) barely know it. Although i believe a (sh**ty) movie about them was released in cinemas at the beginning of this century.

Oh, and yes, the “flintstones feel” truly matches your enclosure…

edit : the movie was released in 1994… oh god…

Looks really nice, but I’m a bit worried about ventilation…

I didn’t know the wolf eyes were rgb leds. Cool!

Great job, really a perfect aesthetic choice.

Thanks yewtreemagic. 6581punk - a dremel, hand files, huge table saw and 50-year-old drill press. If you look at it closely it has a bit of a “Flintstones” feel, for those of you raised in North America (not sure where else in the world the cartoon was available).


Made it yourself? that’s even more impressive :slight_smile:

Well cool piscione! :slight_smile:


Thanks all, glad you liked it. It took me four tries to get a top for this, I broke the others, usually when a drill bit caught something and spun the thing around in my hands. The plexi is thicker (so am I as it turns out), and I’m not very good at accurate measuring so some trial and error was necessary. The thicker plexi meant that I could drill and tap it, which was handy (no nuts). The lights look better in real life, not bright, just more intense colours.

For the holder, I figured it would be better to stagger the Shruthis vertically rather than have them lining up “side by each”. I can remove them and use them as singles if necessary and use the little rack for other stuff too.

Love the Shruthi holder.

Nice job dood! The block of ice is perfect!

I like all the knobs on the top too and since all the filters have different output volume levels, it really makes to put them on especially if you plan to use more than one.

Great job!

Dude, thats friggin awesome! FRANK, CASE ME, STAT Haha

love it!

Nice. Its like the Thing they dug out of the ice in the film :slight_smile: