Final stock of Mutable knobs at Thonk

Émilie sold us all their remaining stock of their custom coloured knobs.

When they’re gone, they’re gone forever. All knobs are brand new and unused.


OMG the matching trimmer toppers! This is such a cool thing! :star_struck:


yeah when we realised the pink was a good match we had to get the Jade right :blush:



I do rather fancy a set of trimmer toppers for my Elements. Maybe next week . . .

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Yeah @thonk did a great job with Mutable colours. Gave my Blades the dual filter / complex oscillator vibes.


minutes after I had put my Befacos on. :alien:

I bought five of each just in case. I have a nice supply of the white ones already.

Good timing! I bought a used original module this week where the owner had replaced and lost the original knobs. Thanks for releasing the remaining stock!

@pichenettes @thonk any chance there are any NOS faceplates up for sale? My rings is looking very beaten up poor thing.

I have a large stock of original faceplates, Thonk might be interested in getting them too! :wink:


i bet it’s the best to put ‚em to the shelf

not to see some clones on another level :sun_with_face:

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I accidentally dropped my Beads on the case rail when first installing it, leaving small but annoying mark in the panel. Would love to buy pristine front panel for it.

Hi Émilie, if you have a Blades original pour Abel left. I’m on it! I live in Paris and can make a payment via PayPal…

A Blades panel. I’m on it! I meant…

A Blades panel would be very welcome indeed

We have a 20% discount on all parts including the Mutable knobs at the moment, it ends Monday :+1:

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