Filters On Ambika

Getting 4 x stock and 2 x Ladders.

Ambika will be used as a 4 voice right hand comp on a Physis K4, and 2 voices for lower left hand split.

Can I assign the 2 lower voice split for Ladders where they are very effective tracling filter and resonance, and leave the other stock filters on the upper split.


Yes, Ambika has a very flexible voice allocation. See voice allocation in the manual

One thing that’s a pain is that the voice allocation in the firmware is set for a 3+3 voice layer. You can build a custom firmware with the voices split like you say. You just need to change the boot configuration after you install the firmware (hold down s1 while booting). I did this with my Ambika with 5 SMR boards + ladder. It’s nice when the Ambika boots that it comes up exactly as I want it.

I can’t wait for this synth to arrive.
Thanks for the Boot S1 tip.

SRM4 sounds creamy but for what I need those Ladders should cough up grit especially stacked/unison detune…

Wish I could use Modular live but I cover too many parts for one handed luxuries.

I do have an incredible XITE-1 DSP Rack with sophisticated MIDI automation devices.
I was doing motion sequencing years before Yamaha Montage.
That Dog won’t hunt…

I am a mere performer lacking knowledge.
How can I get custom firmware so I get 2-4 split.
I would be happy to pay for said service.

I’m not sure I understood correctly but I don’t think you need custom firmware for what you want. As Bjarne pointed out already you can split your voices any way you want them to behave (6 with the same patch, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3,1+1+4, etc…)

Right but will I be able to place the 2 Ladders on a selected MIDI Channel lower split, and the 4 SMR4p filters on MIDI 1 Upper split…?



Thank You So Much.
I shall delve deeply into it’s treasures and the manual.
Seems I have everything I need…


Sorry was away from the forum. The other guys are right. You can set up your patch in any way you want, including split point and which voices are on which. What I did was build custom firmware to default to the split when you power up the Ambika. You need to be able to build the firmware to do this.

However, if you’re clever, you might be able to take the SD card out and put it into your computer. Then you can copy the patch into the boot configuration (I’m not sure what the boot config is called). This would allow you to boot up into your custom defined configuration without modifying the firmware. I no longer have my Ambika so I can’t try this out.

It’s much easier than that as Oliver explains here: