Filters For Arturia Microfreak - Curious Question


I just purchased a Microfreak synth and remember watching a YT demo that stated their where filters you could download into the synthesizer via USB/midi.

I also think this was a join open source venture with Mutable.

Does anyone here have any information on this topic they can share?


The filter is analog. You can’t download an analog circuit. Maybe at some point they’ll allow other oscillator algorithms to be downloaded?

No. They simply used Mutable Instruments code. I was not involved in the design. Their original code (what they added, or their modifications to the original code) is not open-source.


Thank you for that information. I believe it was a Reverb review so I do not think the presenter knew it was NOT open source(if I recall I remember him mentioning something like this.

Love the synth but alas I cannot load new patches either. The Midi Controller center is NOT noticing the free patches I downloaded from Arturias site! Very frustrating.

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