Filter sounds and ordering with the main board

I don’t split kits. It would be hell for managing inventory! And then people would ask me to split one level further and I would turn into some specialized Reichelt selling the individual parts for all my projects :-/

about the polivoks thing > OOOK, sorry then. I must read more carefully.

Pichenettes, I sell kits too, only guitar fuzz pedals, nothing like as complicated as you but I understand a bit.
MicMicMan, thanks for reading it at all!

I think I will probably order a completely standard kit first. I’ve been listening to lots of demos and they all sound really good, whatever the filter. I’ve noticed the filter is 12db/24db switchable too so thats pretty cool as well. Happy days!

Although the digital board and its code are functionally the same for the different filter variants, there are different color versions for each. For example, the 4-pole mission has white boards, the polivok has red boards, the delay has yellow boards. There is a standard kit which has black boards and all other parts to build a Shruti with the SMR-4 filter, you just have to add a (normally transparent) case. From time to time, there are special kits which include the digital + filter boards in coordinated colors, a matching case, and the ‘difficult’ parts. There will be an lcd in a color that matches the case/boards, buttons and knobs to match, the programmed controller and flash memory and so on. For this kind of ‘semi’ kit you will still have to order the more common parts (typically the resistors and capacitors) but you will be able to easily source them from one single supplier. The difficult way is to buy the boards, possibly the processor and memory and the case, and source all other parts yourself. The BOM in the build pages makes this relatively easy (I have done it so anyone can) but you may be purchasing parts from four or five suppliers - all with shipping cost. The ultimate level is to download the board files, have your own boards made, program the processor and memory, build your own case (preferably a rack version with lots of point to point wiring etcetera.
But you can see, with different colors for the different filter versions, mixing and matching kits would become complicated.

@Jojjelito - Get it from eBay, there is a Polish dude who’s selling Red on black negative LCDs for 4-5£, with reasonable shipping times…:slight_smile:
(at)Dunk no worries, just wanted to somehow convey that it’s not a impossible task to do, as a lot of people seem to think :’(
(Edit : Removed little interference by the quote function ….)

@ V’cent - Sure, I’ve bought replacement LCDs (no moar stinkíng EL foil + transformer whine!) for my WS A/D and K5000s and some MIDIbox things from Polish Ebay sources, but it’s still just LCD :frowning: @
@ Red on black LCDs tend to have poor contrast. I’m more of an OLED kinda guy. It’s the wave of the future! @

I spend a lot of time as it is sourcing components for other stuff so I could add the parts to existing order, so I shouldn’t pay anything for shipping in theory.
I think if I did make any changes it would be to try a version with audio grade caps (clean), or even a version with super cheap ceramic caps and carbon resistors (dirty?). I like experimenting with component changes like that.

Dunk, ordering the standard kit first is a great idea. You can get your mod fix by adding the switches for the filter variations and pots for input and output levels. You won’t regret it.

I’ve just been watching the youtube video of the Modularsquare presentation, its in French but I got most of it. This thing has a lot going on even before you bring the filter into play, looks like it has phase distortion, I used to have a Casio CZ1000 so that will be good to hear again, and FM, and formant waves, and a sequencer, I am amazed quite frankly!

Right I’ve ordered a full kit and a honeycomb see through case. I thought twice but converting it into British pounds came to £150 including postage, I should get that for my Bass Station if I sell it so I can justify it to myself that way!

Welcome to the club!

It’s a damn addictive club! One kit about 6 weeks ago or so, and now I’m going on my third, along with a SideKick/SMR4 mk1 filter and a darn SSM2044 I am still trying to get going, Anushri “pioneer” and soon Dual SVF. Will do a programmer in the next few weeks and probably a Polivoks sometime soon. Ambika? Probably, but not right away. Olivier is one hell of a dealer…

Thanks for the welcome piscione,
Shimoda, Holy crap 3 kits in 6 weeks, you need to join Synthesizers anonymous!
I’ve decided to rationalise my kit and make it more desk friendly, so this is the Bass Station replacement for analogue duties. I’m bidding on a Blofeld on ebay as well which might replace my MS2000 for VA stuff, this to go with my MPC1000 which is for drums. I hope I will end up with a nice compact desktop set up. I’ve got some more gear but it’s not being used as I need room to set it up which I don’t have at the moment.
I love these little modern synths that are being made, compact good sound and affordable. It doesnt seem that long ago these things cost £1000s.

I’m not sure I’m anywhere near the top around here.

you sell guitar pedal kits? let’s have a look then :slight_smile:

same question here!

Ok, I’ve sold a grand total of 2 kits and one ready made pedal so far. I’ve got parts for another 25 that I’m currently drilling and making up some proper build instructions for. I have only just got going.
On ebay uk if you search for this number you should find the last one I sold.


I will list some more soon, I’ve made up a wiring diagram but need to build another one from the instructions I’ve made to check for errors.

One I built myself can be found under this number


There is a demo video of me playing it (very badly I don’t really play guitar!)

I’m planning on selling a more simple kit for beginners as well, a mosfet treble boost like the Super Hard On. This has all come about as a way to pass some time and make a small bit of money. I need to build it up now and probably build a simple website.
I’m also building a couple noisemaker circuits, the Atari punk console + a 24db filter and the 4 Osc Nand synth. I’m thinking of selling these as completed units.

ok, rather standard stuff then (no offense intended!).
About your demo, I suppose that it was recorded straight in the sound card?
Sometimes it’s nice, but most of the time I think that for a good guitar sound you have to use a guitar amplifier, and more specifically a guitar loudspeaker. You can use guitar cab simulations as well, but I tend to be not impressed by those - i personally really need the sound of the real loudspeaker.

The statement about not playing the guitar also worries me a bit. I’m a bass player myself and I know as a fact that I can set up a bass to suit a players taste, and at the same time so that it will play great (combining the two is not always evident). I also know that I can do decent work on a guitar but when I set it up I won’t reach the same quality as with a bass. You need affinity with the instrument so I wonder if you can hope to get the tone just right. Except of course if you come from the recording angle and have familarity with tone from that…

Hi, yes it is very standard stuff. Like i say its all just starting at the moment, it would be cool to move on to more esoteric stuff but I’ve got to start somewhere. I have learnt quite a lot so far even with these simple circuits. Also the good thing about clones is that the marketing is already done. There is a huge amount of competition around the £50 - £100 mark and there is no way I can compete!

I often jam with a few other people and I play synth, it’s sort of a blues/spacerock type band (band is a bit of a strong word), I do play a bit of bass if I have to (if no bass player turns up). I’m used to recording guitar, I did play a bit about 20 years ago but then the whole rave music thing came along.
The poor quality of my playing is the reason I did not include the video link in the last couple of kits I sold! I think I will ask a friend to demo it if I do any more recordings.
The sound is straight into a soundcard. I tried various amp models but they colour the sound so much I don’t think it was very useful to do it.
However the lack of a decent demo amp has led to me getting the parts together the build a Fender Junior valve amp, I might well make some kits for that as well if it all works.