Filter self oscillate problem


Im have problem wit tuning trimers on my 4-pole filter board.
I try for 30 minutes to get corect “note” of self oscillate filter.

I manage to adjust one Shruthi allmost perfect. But now second is buging me :frowning: :frowning:

It is right “root note” but presing octave up-down ass much i trying i cannot get corect “note” (frequency)
It is close to right note and it is OK im my “eyes”

But what if i sell it not propet adjusted will customer-buyer be “angry” of notice even etc…

Please tell me is this OK to put him in box and that is that :slight_smile:

The filter doubles the frequency pro volt / or octave .
There is no fixed note because with the ´Cutoff you can adjust the filter from 20 Hz to 16 kHz .
Important is that the frequency doubles . For example . play C4 , adjust the filter to 100 HZ , on C5 you must have 200 Hz , on C6 than 400 HZ
You can do it also with 1000 Hz. Play C4 and adjust the filter to 1000 Hz, C5 = 2000 and C6 4000 Hz.

Hope this helps