Filter-resonance doesn't work

I have a problem with the filtersection on my Shruthi-1
perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems, that on my Shruthi-1 the resonance doesn’t work. I owned my Shruthi about 1 year but I ditn’t worked with him the last month. Last year, I remember, I often worked with the filterresonance, but now, no matter what I do, when I turn the resonance-knob, only the display changes (0-63) but the sound ditn’t. Cutoff, env and lvo are OK. Has anybody an idea, what is wrong with my Shruthi (or with me? :-))
Thanks Bernie

Check for a bad solder joint on the Q> pin of the digital control board, and on the corresponding pin of the filter board connector (check if tapping on the connector or boards restores resonance).

Thanks, now it works :slight_smile: